These 2 college friends pawned watches and cars to fund their cannabis startup—it could bring in $400 million this year

Jeeter’s founders pose with NBA star Dwayne Wade. Left to right: David Solano, Jeeter’s Chief Sales Officer; Lukasz Tracz Co-Founder and Co-CEO; Dwayne Wade; Sebastian Solano, Co-Founder and Co-CEO; Patryk Tracz, VP of Marketing.

Source: Jeeter

Pouring your hard-earned jeeter juice carts

  money and time into a new business idea can be terrifying, even for experienced entrepreneurs. For Lukasz Tracz and Sebastian Solano, their second attempt at it nearly broke them.

Tracz, 37, and Solano, 38, are co-CEOs and co-founders  , a Desert Hot Springs, California-based cannabis brand they launched in 2018 with their siblings — together, they’re part of two sets of twins. In just four years, Tracz and Solano have built Jeeter into one of the cannabis industry’s most successful retail brands,   any other brand in the market.

In 2019, Jeeter made $19 million in total revenue, according to the company. That number is poised to jump exponentially this year: The company projects sales of more than $400 million in 2022. Just wrap your mind around this fact: In the brand’s home state of California, customers smoke about 3.5 million Jeeter pre-rolls each month, the company says.

To get Jeeter off the ground, though, Tracz and Solano   they had to learn some things the hard way. A series of false starts in a new industry meant that the first two years of trying to establish Jeeter — even as the company brought in millions — were “some of the toughest, worst years of our life,” Solano says.

Tracz adds that, at one point, the founders pawned their watches and cars to get enough money to cover payroll after burning through millions of dollars in funding before Jeeter took off.

Here’s how they did it, and why they say Jeeter could become a billion-dollar brand in the next few years.






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