“Gifts That Keep on Giving: Raffle Prize Ideas for Nonprofits”

Remember that whatever raffle prizes you choose, you must be able to deliver. Non-existent charity raffle prizes are a huge no-no and would be disastrous to your fundraiser and reputation. Only source prizes that you know you can obtain and have them secured before you run your raffle to avoid confusion. Make sure you are trustworthy and reliable so that you maintain a healthy and profitable relationship with your donors, present and future. Remember to thank all of your ticket buyers, not only the winners. Recognition for participating in a charity raffle and supporting a good cause is gifts for raffles to maintaining strong relationships.

Raffle Prize Ideas

Ok, so on to the fun part – finding the best raffle prizes! To offer a great selection of raffle prizes, it’s essential to get into the mind of your donors. If you know what they want and why they gifts for raffles it, you are on to a winner, and tickets will be flying off the virtual shelf.

Exclusive Experiences

A prize that no money can buy has an incredibly wide appeal and will attract people of all ages and financial circumstances. Fulfilling a bucket list dream is a priceless gift, so see if you can gifts for raffles any of the following raffle prize ideas for your fundraiser.

Celebrity Appeal

Don’t underestimate the power of celebrities. How about a singing lesson with a famous pop star, lunch or dinner with an actor, a cooking class with a celebrity chef or backstage passes, and a Q&A with a Rockstar?

VIP Moments

Treat your winners to wine tasting with the experts or a private screening of a new movie by renting out a gifts for raffles and providing drinks and snacks to your guests.

Create Unforgettable Memories

Get your portrait painted by a famous artist or stage a family photo session with a renowned photographer. For the adrenaline junkies, offer extreme sports packages like bungee jumping or leaping out of a plane!

Memorabilia Is Always in Style

Giveaway signed sports and music memorabilia such as football t-shirts, records, and basketballs.

By enticing a celebrity into endorsing your fundraising raffle, they will also get recognition from fans. By gifts for raffles their face to your charity event, you will gain more outreach among supporters and generate global attention for your fundraiser and its cause.






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